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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Robot On Space Board

For this design I was asked to put the robot kid on a futuristic skateboard/surfboard. I found the most challenging thing about this design was remembering which brushes I used to create the textures. I constantly make my own brushes and because we are expected to be versitile in many art techniques, I sometimes forget how I created a design.
Another challenge was matching the color with the original design. Because AG decided to use a different paper stock it made the ink react differently to the paper. A constant battle we have...trying to create the cleanest colors possible.

Robot W/Dog

This card was very fun to do. It gave me a chance to design a dog character for the robot kid to interact with. The only thing missing in this design is a metal heart in the robot kids hand. It is not shown here only because it is a finishing (a term AG uses to describe a special process.) In this case I believe it was Silver Foil Hot Stamp. I also included a separate page of the robot dog to show more of the detail and the colors I used to digitally paint the character.