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Friday, May 27, 2011


Detail of Characters:

Close Up of Red Robot:

Close Up of Blue Robot:

This card is currently out in all Target Stores. I have included an image of the Red and Blue Robots at a bigger size to show more detail.
The characters were created completely in Photoshop using Shape Layer Paths and Custom Brushes that I created. I did not include photos or use any 3d applications. Each Robot took me an average of 40 hours each. I did a lot of research on metal and how it would age and rust. The original size of each character was 14 inches tall at a resolution of 300 dpi. Because I like to have every detail on it's own layer the file with both characters in it was about 5 gigs.
It's a shame the characters ended up at about 2 inches tall on the card but, if they ever want to use the characters for card product or party goods, then they would have that option.