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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dad & Son In Boat



This card was part of a series I turned in for Fathers Day innovation. The other design hasn't been picked up yet but, I will be sure to post it when it does.

I know a lot of people have no idea how much time and thought goes into creating a greetig card so, I thought I would try to explain this design a little better to show everyone exaclt what I mean.

With this card I wanted it to have an unusual layout. Or at least something different than our usually kids greeting card layout. I have found that most of the time the best art for a greeting card is on the front with little or no art on the inside. In this case the inside has the best art along with the energy and interaction from the characters. Leaving the person buying the card with a better and lasting impression.

I hope this explains my thought process a little better and that everyone enjoys
this design as much as I had creating it.

Hamster Stickers

Detail Images:

With this design I was asked to create hamster stickers in my highly rendered style. I was also told the hamster characters would be printed on small foamy-like pieces placed inside bubble stickers that looked like hamster balls and hamster wheels. They wanted them like this so the foamy pieces could roll around in the bubble stickers. I know it sounds confusing but, I hope all of you understand.

As for the second image, I wanted have a bigger version of the characters. That way you could see the detail that went into each of them.

You can find these stickers at all Target stores right now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pirate Bunnies

This card really hits home with me. I have three little girls and they all make me laugh. I had so much fun creating this card. It was well received at American Greetings and I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I had creating it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sea Creatures Stickers

This sticker sheet is currently out at Target. I was asked to create cute sea creatures with 6 big rolly eyes and 6 small ones, intermixing them. I digitally painted in the rolly eyes to show everyone how the final piece looks in stores. If by chance the rolly eyes fall off, I have designed eye's under them. I had a lot of fun creating this design and I am happy with how it came out. I will be posting more designs soon that are also currently out at Target, so stay tuned.