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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hamster Stickers

Detail Images:

With this design I was asked to create hamster stickers in my highly rendered style. I was also told the hamster characters would be printed on small foamy-like pieces placed inside bubble stickers that looked like hamster balls and hamster wheels. They wanted them like this so the foamy pieces could roll around in the bubble stickers. I know it sounds confusing but, I hope all of you understand.

As for the second image, I wanted have a bigger version of the characters. That way you could see the detail that went into each of them.

You can find these stickers at all Target stores right now.


Abz said...

You must be so proud to see your work printed all over! ;)

Seven said...

Cool concept, really like how they are free floating in the bubbles! So much detail, wish they made the stickers bigger! Nice job bro!

tammywith2 said...

Jason, if hamsters really looked like this... I might like them. :D

Chris Kennett said...

Great concept. That hamster is cute as!

Abigail Shaw said...

......I buy these hamster stickers every time a new version comes out! I can't believe I ran into the blog of the person who designed them! Just know they are loved and that they're some of my favorite stickers.

Jessey Heyn said...

I found these at Target about a month ago. I love to put stickers on letters, but these I put on the back of my phone. I sat there and shook the hamster around & my friends were like, "what are you doing?" I said, "Spinning my hamster phone." It's stupid, but funny. Now my friends have "hamster phone" and I need more! I will keep my eye out at Target if that's where i'll find them!