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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Bear

This is my favorite design for this years Christmas. I believe you can find this card at American Greetings Walmart Stores.

As for the design: I used a different method for creating the fur for the bear and the fur for the Santa Hat then I usually do. I love experimenting with different approaches when it come to technique. I also like to pushing myself to finding quicker ways to achieve this highly rendered look. This piece was created using Photoshop CS5.

Nativity Stickers

Last year, I created a Nativity Card with this technique. It was created for Target. This year they asked me to create stickers in the same style. They are out in store right now!

Christmas Panda Bear

This card was created as a Christmas concept. I wanted to play around in Photoshop to mimic a 3d like image. You can purchase this card online at