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Friday, August 7, 2009

Cute Little Monkey

I based the styling of this card a lot on the "Monkey Love" design bellow but, with a different technique.


kas said...

You are an amazing talent! I recognize your art from the items I've seen at Target.

Yuka said...

Awww... SO CUTE!!! Cutest monkey (illustration) ever!! :D

I wish I saw this in IRIS so I could use this as a style guide for my "juggling eggs monkey" card for Easter! It would been so cute if you did the illustration for it.

I hope you are illustrating the "Patterned Shell Turtle" card I planned for Easter. I put your name for a request since I used your illustrations as my choice of style.

You are so good at Juvenile and cute!! Your daughters must be the inspiration. They are so cute too!

Seven said...

Nice work on bringing more life into the illustration. I like the depth you have added and the texture in the color.

Shari said...

i adore this little monkey!!