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Monday, March 15, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Berryfest DVD Cover Art & Disc Label

Last Summer I was asked to work on cleaning up and altering the cover art and disc label for the new Strawberry Shortcakes 3d Movie "The Berryfest Princess." I love replicating 3D art so, I excepted the job. Kelly G. the art director for this project gave me great feedback along the way. She also did all the retouching on the Berrykins. This project was fun because it had many new challenges I hadn't faced before. The part that was most challenging was creating 3D looking hair. I have many custom brushes that make real or natural looking hair but 3D hair is different. Overall, I am happy with the results. My daughters love the fact that I had a hand in a character they love. Be sure to check it out in stores now.


Kyle Poling said...

Looks great, its a tough job correcting and altering 3D renders and photographs to get it to blend seamlessly. Maybe post a couple of closeups of the hair and minor details in a before/after shots.

straykat said...

The 2D art looks amazing. I don't want to sound arrogant but your artwork has made the character appear more 'alive' compared to the 3D image where they look somewhat 'empty'.

Excellent work.

Jason Dove said...

Thanks Guy's for the comments.

Kyle I'll try to set up some detail shots soon so you can see what I am talking about.

Straykat, ya the 3d was rough at this point...because it was so early in the developement. They went back in after we altered the cover and did a good job replicating the characters. I do have to say that they didn't have much time to put it together that's why I was given the job.

Abz said...

Wow man, great work-- touching up can be a pain, but I love how this looks. Maybe you should have posted before and after for us to see exactly what you've done. However, I love all your work man-- really!


I cant wait for more postssssssssss

Jason Dove said...

Abz, Thanks for the great responce! I went ahead and added the pieces & parts alteration at the bottom so you could see the comparison. I originally had a full page of what I was given but I thought I better play it safe and post only pieces & parts. You just happened to come across the post before I could upload the new image.

Francisco Martins said...

Wow, these are amazing! the colors are soooo beautiful! :)
keep it up!