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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Close Up Of Characters:
These images are from a Birthday Card that I created for American Greetings. It is for a pop up card. Most of the characters are very small on the card but, I created them at a much bigger size. I created all of the characters in Photoshop. The first image is the cover of the card without the lettering. I do not have the file with the completed letting. That is why there is space to the left of the monkey. I also did not include an image of the inside background art because it was made for the pop up and looked strange in it's flattened state. I hope you all like how they turned out.


Sjan Weijers said...

They are so happy! Good stuff Jason :)

David Fedan said...

Excellent work, Jason!!

Your characters are beautifully designed and rendered.

jeffkunze said...

Did you do the lettering as well?

Jason Dove said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. Life seems to be keeping my very busy these days.

Jeff, as for you question...I normally do not do the lettering for the cards. American Greetings has Graphic Designers who do that for us.

Thanks! :)