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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Target Mother's Day Greeting Card Series

Caterpillar Card:


Bird With Mailbox Card:


Hedgehog Card:


I know this theme is a little girly but,'s for Mother's Day. You can find this card series in all Target Stores.
I created the pieces using Adobe Illustrator, which is a big deal for me considering I self taught myself the program. Granted, the learning curve for illustrator is no where near as complex as Photoshops but, it still has it's difficulties. Learning Illustrator has been a goal for me for some time. I have always and still use Photoshop's Shape Layers/Paths for most of my work but, now that I have a good grasp on illustrator, I plan on using it when it makes the most sense for the job I am asked to do.
I hope everyone checks the card series out the next time they are at Target and that they enjoy them as much as I had creating them.

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Alesha Martin said...

That was a great mother's day cards! Perfect for this coming occasion meant for moms. It will be more special with mothers day messages that are heartfelt and came frm the heart. Happy Mother's Day to all great moms around the world!